CLIP Platform

  • WEB 3.0
  • Decentralized ID
  • Verifiable Credential
  • Blockchain

In the Web 3.0 era, users’ identities and personal information are no longer controlled by centralized websites and systems. They can freely interact and exchange data with online users and systems, and verify the data authenticity through blockchain.

CLIP stands for Credential, License, Identity, and Proof. It makes it easy for issuers to issue various types of credentials to holders, such as membership verification, medical records, license certificates, online identity verification, financial account and digital certificates.

Users decide by themselves what information to provide, how much data to disclose, that achieve the goal of “Self-Sovereign Identity” (SSI). This ensures personal privacy protection while enabling the verification of data accuracy across global borders.

CLIP uses encryption algorithms such as “zero-knowledge proof” and “selective disclosure”. It complies with the Verifiable Credential Data Model specification by W3C and provides APIs for integration with verification systems.

.Self-Sovereign Identity.
.Freely customize credential formats
.Compliant with W3C specification
.Personal data only exits in holder’s wallet
.Machine readable and verifiable
.Use QR Code to get connected
.Adopt global blockchain networks.